Friday, May 14, 2010

tumble dried

Here is my second layout for the latest challenge over @ StampAmemory

I have used more photos of Will in the dryer but a different layout & different colours. Once again no editing done on the photos...

While I really like the single photo I used on the "ratbag" page (see previous entry) I like the way these 5 photos tell the story of 'Will in the dryer'! I have kept the journalling simple & included it in the title...such good fun until you get STUCK. I have handwritten the title & covered it with crystal effects.
Thanks for looking...don't report me to the authorities for taking photos instead of removing my child from the clothes dryer! hehe : ) *I am pleased to say he has never tried to get in there again & fair chance he would no longer fit. Lucky I grabbed the camera isn't it!!!


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  2. Sorry about deleting the first comment (spelling error!) WOW! The first page was great but this one is even better! I love the ribbon and the buttons and the stitching.. thanks for sharing both of them xx

  3. Hi Elise,

    He He.... What a cute layout. Aren't boys funny. They do the craziest things.
    Beautiful. I love it!!!
    Are you going to convention? Big trip from WA

  4. Another fab layout! I love the stitching around the word stuck. It looks really effective.